Efficient Travel Agents India

Efficient Travel Agents India
Travel Agency

There are numerous Travel Agencies with dedicated team to offer maximum comfort to the tourists who have a zeal for travel, olden times, paintings and sculpture and incessantly enhancing their awareness and experience.

The Travel agencies comprise of fully trained and qualified workforce who conduct meetings and tours for individuals and for other group organizations.

The facilities offered by the travel agencies are the transfers for the Arrival & departure, provision of Hotel Accommodation, arranging the reservation of road, train & domestic airlines tickets, engaging a guide for the purpose of sightseeing and at times a surprise gift for the tourists.

Online Travel Agents

There are various Online Travel agents and tour managers in India who are offering unmatched travel packages that flawlessly fit the finances of the travelers and pleasure seekers. It is supported by advanced technology and outstanding client service with unrivaled expediency of round the clock Online Hotel Reservations which makes it more convenient for tourists and makes the holiday reservation available just at the click of the mouse.

India is a diverse country and it attracts numerous visitors because of its diversities. To plan a trip to India would not be an easy task so you need to avail the services of the Online Travel Agents. These agents will lend a hand in exploring unseen resources of this gorgeous country. These Online Travel Agents offer a multitude of activities to do and see and also completely creating connection with the ambiance that persistently surround you

Through the services of these Online Travel Agents you get complete information of the numerous travel deals, hotel accommodations, travel tips and various rules. With the coming up of these Online Travel Agents the people get up to date information about the latest travel deals available.

India Travel Agents

The chief purpose of the India Travel Agents is to make your trip to India a very enjoyable and an unforgettable experience. They are committed to offer you the best Services on your travel to India. The travel packages they display are the finest of Indian travel destinations. May it be the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, the Sand Dunes of Rajasthan, the exotic beaches of goa, the picturesque beauty of Kasmir and Manali, India travel agents help you discover India the way you want so trust the travel agents in India and get your trip planned by them for better outcome.

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Travel Agents And Hotels Have Immense Flexibility With Hotelogix PMS

Travel Agents And Hotels Have Immense Flexibility With Hotelogix PMS

The hotel reservation system is one thing that an owner really needs to work on. It has to be something that is comprehensible, easy to use and efficient. A hotel software should be built in such a manner that it allows the owner and the staff to customize the reservation system as and how they want to depending on the kind of customers they have. Moreover the hotel reservation system should be able to take in a lot of information and store as much data as possible. For all this to happen that the hotel software should be well organized and regularly formatted.

Travel agents play a big role in boosting the sales of a hotel and no matter what, they need to be given due attention. Hotelogix property management system (PMS) is built in such a manner that the travel agents are given a lot of liberty in how they can use it and for what reasons.

They are equipped to offer preset discounts and they can do so from their console, which literally means that they can access certain features of the PMS for their work.

The hotel can also offer them some discounts though there will be some automatic limitations as per the allowed commissions for a particular travel agent. As mentioned the travel agents get a complete console for their work. They can use this console not only for booking rooms for guests but they can also see their credit history, their accounting details etc. The advantage of Hotelogix for these agents is that the property management system allows creation of multiple logins for the same agent so that his or her staff can use the console too.

The Hotelogix features also allow the Admins to alter the color and/or the font size of the room rates and the average room night price by formatting the required details. They can also hide any rates that they don’t want displayed on the hotel reservation system. With the help of the Web Booking Engine, the hotel can also set inclusions and personalize it. Images can also be displayed for the offers that are featured in the hotel reservation system.


Prabhash Bhatnagar is Manager of Sales & Marketing, maker of hotel management software and hotel management system handles the key aspects of the running of client's business, including bookings & reservations, Housekeeping, Spa, POS and generating reports.

How to Be a Successful Travel Agent

How to Be a Successful Travel Agent

If you want to be a successful travel agent, then follow these three steps as a springboard to success!

As with most business opportunities, being the best in the field takes a lot of preparation and a lot of work. Enjoying the success is the easy part. If you are stuck in a dead-end job and want to find a more fulfilling career as a travel agent, it has never been a more opportune time to find a way to receive travel agent training. Once you are trained, you will want to keep the following three things in mind to see your business grow from a fledgling travel agency to a full scale success.

1. Research a niche and fill it! As with most business opportunities in life, you can be a generalist or you can find a niche a fill it. The same can be said when you become a travel agent. Find out where the market is saturated--and avoid those aspects of the travel industry.

What you want to do is find areas of the travel world that are under served.

For example, you may live in a city that hosts local conventions. You might want to link up with the convention planners and offer your services to their network members. Business travel is always an incredible money making niche. Or, you may find that people in your area are interested in taking cruises, but there are no travel related agents or agencies in the area that cater to this market. If this is the case, be a travel professional that fills this niche! Do your market research and find out where the needs are.

2. Stay flexible. When you first become a travel agent, there is a sincere desire to stick with one agency and sign a contract of exclusivity to that agency for a set period of time.

Resist this temptation at all costs! This is the equivalent of locking yourself into a lease on a house or a car. A contract such as these are incredibly difficult to be released from. If you receive excellent training than you will have marketable skills and many travel agencies in the area may seek you out. You want to maintain some level of professional flexibility so you can negotiate the best commissions for yourself. Remember, flexibility is key.

3. Be exuberant! When you become an agent, you are selling fantasies just as much as you are selling travel packages. Be excited about the accommodations, the restaurants in the area, the attractions near the hotel. Your excitement and exuberance is contagious and, as any successful travel agent will tell you, such a positive attitude translates into financial success.

Research, flexibility, and a positive mental attitude will not only guarantee that you will make a living as a travel agent, but it will almost guarantee your financial success.

J.R. Shanley has a site where he shares the best available training on how to become a travel agent.

Real Estate, real estate agents

Real Estate, real estate agents
Real estate includes land in all the forms. These forms of land include land such as trees, water, and permanently attached items to it which includes fences, building and among others. The term Real Estate is directly related to land. It is used widely in the context of retailing, offices, manufacturing, housing, farming, worship, houses and among others. We could include all the activities related to the property under Real Estate. People who are involved in the real estate sector aim to value add the land by developing it or adding structure to it. These tricks are to enhance the value further of any given property. Since ages the Real Estate Sector has existed however in the recent few years the Real Estate industry in India and across has witnessed boom. It has grown as a second largest employer. With its revenue close up to US $ 12 billion, it further aims to grow estimating up to 30% per annum. The statistics above proves that the Real Estate sector is emerging as an important source of income in the economy today in India and across. The Real Estate sector has provided employment not only in the field of Real Estate but also to various other fields like; developers, constructors, architects, designers, landscapers, engineers, market researchers, financial analysts, construction workers, sale & leasing personnel, and among other fields that are aligned or work closely with the Real estate sector. This proves Real Estate sector as a boon in today’s economy providing employment to various people who specialize in the relevant field. However strong the Real Estate Sector is which is proved from the above data, it has its own flaw. The Real Estate sector proves to be sensitive to any fluctuations in the economy in India or across. The slightest of the fluctuation, can either create wonders or hazels for this sector. This is due to the simple fact that complete transaction of the property is directly depending on the common people who in turn are affected by the fluctuations in the economy of a country. In spite of the flaw mentioned the fact remains that the Real Estate Sector is the second largest sector growing in the Indian economy. It strongly aims at the expansion of the land by developing various office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, or houses in any particular area. While talking on the job opportunity the Real Estate sector has provided opportunities and with the major responsibility lies on the Real estate consultants and Real estate agents. They aim to provide a complete solution to the investor and new clients in the field of Real Estate. The increasing progress in the field of Real Estate and various constructions the end-result of the Real Estate sector is to provide the space being well constructed for sales and lease, impacting the complete transaction of the property. Thus Real Estate sector proves to be a boom not only to the people but also to the economy of the nation.
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